Welcome to Spring Childcare  幼兒園

  • Licensed Multi-age daycare

  • Licensed ECE Staffs

  • 1:4 Teacher / Children ratio

  • English and Mandarin

  • Current Child Care First Aid Certified

Message from the Manager,
Children are genius, they have such enormous learning capacity in any developmental area that no adult can compare to. In Spring Childcare, we want to work with the parents to maximize children's learning and bring up well-balanced, lovable children.

In Spring Childcare, we will not passively let the children play by themselves. We will actively observe and interact with the children and give suitable guidance. The staff are encouraged to learn with and learn from the children. We will plan activities to meet the current specific interests and needs for the children.

In Spring Childcare, we respect each child as a unique individual. We also support inclusion for different cultures, no bias and no discrimination on any aspect of a child.

7050 Broadway, Burnaby, V5A 1R8 

7050 Broadway, Burnaby, V5A 1R8                        Phone: (778) 798-0907  Jacky Li
Email: info.springchildcare@gmail.com

We do not have a childcare sign at the front. A city by-law do not allow sign or commercial display at a residential zone. We apologize for inconvenience. 

Opening hours                                         Monday - Friday  8:00 am - 5:30 pm

Spring Childcare Pricing

Infant 0 - 12 month



12 - 36 month $1,000
Pre-schooler 36 + $900