Mission Statements

  • At Spring Childcare, our goal is to provide quality care and support to the well-being of the children, their families, and the community. Our role is not to replace the parents’ role; instead, our role is to partner up with the families in providing the best growing environment for their children.
  • We strive to provide safe, healthy, and positive learning environment for the children to enjoy exploring, interacting with others, sharing and expressing themselves, testing their limits, building their self-esteem, and developing self-help skills.
  • Spring Childcare advocates the importance of the children’s development and education and the partnership with the families.

Statements of Philosophy

  • For the best interest of the children’s growth, development, health, safety, and education, both the families and the caregivers need to recognize the important role one play in the children’s lives. It’s both parties’ responsibilities to ensure the children’s developments and concerns are openly communicated on a regular basis. It’s vital to have teamwork and open discussion regarding to guiding the children’s behaviours both in home and at center.
  • Children are capable to learn in early age. At Spring Childcare, we strive to assist the children learn in every possible learning opportunities. To enrich the children’s learning experience, all staffs, ECE qualified caregivers, have responsibility to observe the children and design activities that reflect the children’s current interests and developmental needs. To maximize the children’ learning capacity, well-considered pre-planning, suitable learning materials/ toys, and appropriate guidance are important criteria of learn through play.
  • While supervising the children’s safety and health, we recognize the vital role of adults’ role-modeling and positive encouragement to guide and assist the children. We encourage the children to explore the environment and express themselves in a safe, caring, and supportive setting at Spring Childcare.
  • Spring Childcare supports multicultural, anti-bias, and inclusive for diversity. We recognize and respect all families and staff’s cultures and religious believes. We welcome the enrolling family members and the staffs to share their cultural tradition, stories, and customs with the children to help them learn and respect the similarities and the differences.
  • In order to provide the best support to the children and the family, Spring Childcare supports the opportunity for all staff to access ongoing professional development. We make every effort to familiar with current community services, resources and referral information. When any concern arises, All staffs at Spring Childcare should listen attentively without bias and support families in seeking appropriate expertise and services.


7050 Broadway, Burnaby, V5A 1R8