Educational Focus - Spring 2013

Gross Motor - hockey

Fine Motor - Trace stencils and cut out images. Use needles for sewing. Drawing.

Language: (verbal and body language)
Expressive Language - Use full sentences to make stories and share ideas. Make story books

Receptive Language - Listen carefully and continue the story/ answer questions.

Social relationship:
Learning about appreciation and aware of others' feelings. Learn to be independent at the same time helping others who need assistant. Learn to share and teach others what you know.

Sounds and making instruments with recycling materials. Learn about beats and rhythms.

Introduce money coins and also learn addition and subtraction with various games.

Social Studies:
Community workers: tour to flower shop, eye glasses store, sport equipment store and garden supply shop.

Alphabet : Introduce writing alphabet and review phonics. Learn to recognize a word or more a day.

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Spring Childcare is a Multi-Age Childcare. We believe children are capable to learn in early age. Therefore our educational focus will be Theme-base activities and progressive from previous theme. The curriculum is focused and designed for preschoolers (age 3-5); however, the activities are also available for younger children to participate and explore. The teachers in Spring Childcare will modify the activities to be age-appropriate and developmental appropriate for the younger ones to try. The aims for the younger ones will be different than the preschoolers.  The theme in each area shown on the left will also be incorporated into music activities, singing songs, creative art, storytelling, pretend play, cooking activities and sensory activities in our daily program. We take every opportunity to teach and review, not only in the circle time but also during their play. The children are encouraged to express their ideas and raise questions. 

Calendar & Weather : Practice the sequence of months, days of a week, and dates.

Discuss the weather (foggy, windy, sunny, rainy, snowy, stormy, partly cloudy, cloudy), learn about clouds. Learn how weathers affect our feeling

Healthy choice : Review food groups and how they help us grow healthily