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Rosanna Tsao
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Skills & Attributes
  •  Positive attitude and self-motivated person.
  • Open to constructive criticism and new ideas.
  • Committed to responsibilities and goals.
  • Take initiative to work as a team member and to establish positive working relationship.
  • Very patient with children and love to play with children.
  • Able to use combination of body language, voice tone, and verbal language appropriate for the children’s level of comprehension.
  • Plan and implement age and developmentally appropriate activities for individual children and the group.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of planning and able to modify learning experiences based on the children’s strengths and needs.
  • Fluent in speaking, reading and writing English and Mandarin.
  • Creative and artistic.
2007 May
Early Childhood Education, Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Toronto, Ontario
2005 May
Trinity CerTESOL certificate, Conventry House International College, Tornoto
2001 May
Visual Art Design (4 year program) Ontario College of Art & Design,Toronto, Ontario
Lacy & Company LTD. Prize
Carol Rapp Award
ECE and Teaching Experience
2007 Jan – Apr
ECE Co-Op, Adventure Place (Children age 4 – 6 years with special needs)
*      Create student profiles by observing, recording, and planning adaptable curriculum for children with special needs.
*       Assist children learning pre-math and pre-literacy skills, managing behaviours, and encouraging verbal communication with peers.
*       Work with other teachers to develop special needs learning materials.
2006 Sep – Dec
ECE Co-Op, Humber College Child Development Center (Infants 4 – 18 months)
*      Talk to infants all the time by describing and labeling the situations, actions, feelings and objects to enhance their listening and encourage babbling or imitating sounds.
*      Sing songs and read books to the children.
*      Observe individual’s interests and needs and plan age- and developmental- appropriate activities.
*      Create a seven months infant’s profile by observing and recording her developments in all areas and plan individual program to enhance skills.
*      Take care individual infant’s basic needs (diaper changes, feeding, sleeping).
*      Communicate with the families.
2006 Jan – Apr
ECE Co-Op, Sunny Lea Nursery School (Toddlers 1½ – 3 years old)
*      Actively interact with the children and promote learning through appropriate guidance in play.
*      Assist and encourage the children using words to express their thoughts and feelings.
*      Plan age- and developmental- appropriate curriculums.
*      Assist children to learn the limits and appropriate behaviours.
2005 Sep – Dec
ECE Co-Op, Swansea Nursery (Preschoolers 2½ - 4 years old)
*      Assisted children to further develop self-help and problem solving skills.
*      Conduct storytelling and promote children’s interests in literacy.
*      Plan age- and developmental- appropriate activities.
*      Guide and redirect children’s behaviors.
2007 – 2011
Foreign Language Instructor, Kasama city school board, Ibaraki, Japan ( Grades: k – 9)
*      Develop foreign language curriculum for the public elementary and junior high school.
*      Execute the proposed curriculum, observe and modify the activities to meet the needs and styles of each individual school.
*      Training school teachers on how to do the cooperative teaching in foreign language classes.
*      Participate in children’s everyday school life to observe their development, and getting feedback for improving the foreign language activities and curriculum.
*      Guide and redirect children’s behaviors.
2006 Summer
EFL private tutor in Korea (Grade 3, 4; Communicated in English only)
*      Teach four grade 4 students with different English levels for two hours daily.
*      Plan activities to promote using what we’ve learned in class
*      Ensure every child had a turn to show and tell in every activity.
*      Plan weekend field trips or sleepover parties once a month.
*      Communicate with the parents and discuss children’s improvements and needs.
*      Provide continuous communication through emails.
2005 – 2006
ESL private tutor (Japanese students in 1: 1 or a group of 2-4)
*      Use games and fun activities to create a stress-free environment that encourage students’ participation in conversation.
*      Customize teaching materials and activities for each student to maximize the learning while improving on students’ confidence in spoken English.
*      Provide additional help on homework.
*      Provide continuous speaking opportunity through SKYPE chat after they go back to Japan.
*      Organize social activities to enhance their comfortable level of using English in practical settings.
2001 - 2005
Private tutor in art & design: (Age range from 5-15)
*         Analyze students’ needs and what they need to improve.
*         Customize teaching materials and interactive workshops for each student to develop and improve students’ capability, creativity, imagination and interest.
*         Motivate students to explore new ideas, to enjoy learning process and encourage self-learning.
Other Work and Volunteering Experience
2008 – 2011
host an adult English conversation group.
2008 – 2011
Volunteer organize cooking and other events for a girl scout group in Ibaraki, Japan.
2008 summer
Volunteer as an English summer camp coordinator and instructor for Fo- Guang Shan Temple at YamaNashi prefecture, Japan.
2004 – 2005
Customer Service Representative, Running Room Inc.
2004 summer
Volunteer teaching summer Sunday-School in Mount Hamilton Church
2002 - 2004
Administrator/ Customer service, Market America Inc.
1999 - 2002
Jewellery designer, T&T Jewellers Inc.
1998 - 1999
Supervisor in Jewellery Studio at OCAD.
Volunteer in Crafthouse: Crafts Association of B.C.



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