#7 February 2014                              From Nicholas' parents (translated into Chinese)

Hi Paul, here is the testimonial, sorry it took me awhile to reply & to do this I've been busy with work & kids...

Nicholas started at spring child care when he was 3 years old, he was under the care of different babysitters. We
noticed his personality and attitude were not quite right, he will cry & scream if he doesn't get what he wants. And
since we are kind of busy at work, we don't have that much time to be with our son in daytime so we decided to find
him a suitable & reputable day care. We've searched several day cares before coming to spring child care. When
we came in first, I felt that spring child care is best suited for my son's learning development. We noticed that Paul &
Rosanna are passionate about their work for the children. They treated the children like their own. We are not
worried to leave our son to them.
When it comes to their program I must say that I am very satisfied with the learning activities, the care & attention
that they are giving to every child's needs.
We saw a great improvements to our son's personality & attitude since he started at spring child care. We can say
that Nicholas flourished from being a shy & stubborn kid to a confident, independent & very interactive young boy.
We are happy & satisfied that Nicholas is under the care of spring child care.
Cristy & Rex Castro

Nicholas 三歲的時候去 Spring Childcare 在那之前他有過幾個保母 我們發覺他的個性和態度開始不太對 他會大哭大鬧假如事情不是他想要的 And
since we are kind of busy at work, we don't have that much time to be with our son in daytime so we decided to find
him a suitable & reputable day care. We've searched several day cares before coming to spring child care. When
we came in first, I felt that spring child care is best suited for my son's learning development. We noticed that Paul &
Rosanna are passionate about their work for the children. They treated the children like their own. We are not
worried to leave our son to them.

#6 February 2014                         From Erin & Wesley's parents (translated into Chinese)
Dear Paul and Rosanna:
Below is what I would like to share about Erin and Wesley's journey so far at Spring Childcare. I hope it's not too
long. Let me know if this is ok for your use, and thank you again for inviting me to share this with other current/future
parents of your Centre!
I sent my two children to Spring Childcare in May 2012, when my daughter, Erin, just turned 3 and my son, Wesley,
was just over 1 year old. Over the last almost 2 years, I have witnessed such tremendous growth in my two
children, a large part of which I have to attribute to the loving care and teaching of Paul and Rosanna.
When Erin first attended Spring Childcare, she had very limited English, as our family tried to
nurture Cantonese Chinese as her first language. However, under the care and patience of Paul, Rosanna and
Megumi (another teacher at the Centre at that time), Erin had no barrier understanding and interacting in English. In
a month, she started talking in English just like any other child in the Centre. She had developed and showed much
more independence in playing and in her daily activities. She was encouraged to use her words to express herself,
to ask for things, and to explain to others how she felt. I really appreciate how Paul and Rosanna believe in and
teach the values of compassion to the children, that they should try to understand how each other feel, and not think
about themselves alone. They taught Erin not to be prideful. As Erin became the oldest kid in the group this past
year, they taught her to take care of and be a good model for the younger kids, and not to show off what she could
do simply because she was the oldest one among them.
The other value that I really appreciate about Paul and Rosanna is the value of food, and that we should not waste
food. They taught the kids about the 5 food groups - my children always talk about Milk Man, Grain Man, Meat
Man, Fruit Man and Veggie Man whenever we eat. They could point out which food belongs to which group, and
why we need to eat each food group every day.
The growth in my son has also been phenomenal in the past two years: Wesley learnt to walk in the Centre in his
first week. We started toilet training him at 2.5 years old, and it took about 3-4 months from start to finish. Paul and
Rosanna showed so much patience in this process. They were the ones who encouraged me to keep watching his
readiness, not to push too hard, but not to give up. Towards the end, Wesley would still have accidents and made a
mess in the Centre, but Paul and Rosanna insisted that we kept him in his underwear, and not to let him regress to
diapers. They provided assurance and encouragement to me as a parent, as much as they did to Wesley as the
child. I would not have been able to do this without their support and loving care throughout!
Lastly, I just wish to thank Paul and Rosanna again for being such loving care-givers to my children. As parents, my
husband and I do not need to doubt the care provided to my children while we are at work. We do not question the
attention being paid to them, or the teaching provided to them. I know Erin will miss them so much as she leaves for
kindergarten in September. Their teaching, however, will forever stay with her and become a valuable part of her
early childhood memories.

 Dear Paul and Rosanna:

以下是我想跟大家分享的 Erin 和 Wesley 到目前為止在 Spring Childcare 的旅程 ...

我在2012年五月送我剛滿三歲的女兒, Erin 和剛過一歲沒多久的兒子 Wesley 到Spring Childcare。 在接下來的將近兩年內我看到我的兩個小孩們很大的成長 其中有很大一部分我需要歸功於 Paul l和 Rosanna 的細心照顧和教學當 Erin 剛去 Spring Childcare 的時候,她知道很少的英文因為我們的家裡試著培養廣東話成為她的第一語言 但是在 Paul, Rosanna 和 Megumi (當時在 Spring Childcare 的另一位老師) 的 耐心的照顧下 Erin 並沒有在理解和使用英文方面的困難 在短短的一個月 她以經開始和其他的小朋友一樣用英文溝通了她在每天的玩耍和需要做的事情上都有很多的成長和表現的更自主 她也有很被鼓勵用她的話去表示她想說的 去要求東西和跟其他人說明她的感覺我很感謝 Paul 和 Rosanna 教小朋友們同理心的重要性 他們教小朋友們該如何去理解其他人的感覺而不是只是考慮到自己他們也教 Erin不可以太驕傲 當 Erin 今年變成是這群小朋友中最年長的一位 他們教她如何照顧其它人和給其它小朋友們做個好的模範 而不是只是因為自己是年紀最大的而炫耀另一個我很感謝 Paul 和 Rosanna 的是他們教小朋友我們不應該浪費食物的重要性 他們教小朋友們有關五個食物的分類 - 我們每一次吃飯我的小孩一直都在談論有關牛奶人 榖類人 肉類人 蔬菜人和水果人 他們可以指出哪個食物屬於哪一個分類和為甚麼我們需要每天吃均衡的營養我的兒子這兩年的成長也很大: Wesley 在 Spring Childcare 的第一個星期就學會走路了 我們在他兩歲半的時候開始訓練他上廁所 總共花了三到四個月 這中間Paul 和 Rosanna 表現了很大的耐心 是他們鼓勵我一直觀察他準備好了沒? 不要太要求 但是也不要放棄在廁所訓練的後期 Wesley 仍然有時候會有意外把地上用的很髒 但是 Paul 和 Rosanna 堅持我們仍然讓他穿內褲 而不要讓他退步回去穿尿布 他們給我們父母的信心和鼓勵和他們給 Wesley 的一樣多 要是沒有他們一直的照顧和幫助我可能就做不到了! 最後 我想再次謝謝 Paul 和 Rosanna 給我的小孩們的細心照顧 當做一個家長 我和我的丈夫完全不需要擔心在我們工作的時候我們的小孩們所接受的照顧 關心 和學習 我知道 Erin 九月去幼稚園後會很想念他們 但是我知道他們所教的會永遠和她一起 也會是她很重要的小時後的一份回憶

 #5 June 2013                            From Madelynn & Ellana's parents (translated into Chinese)

It gives us pleasure to write a letter of recommendation and or testimonial for Spring Childcare with Rosanna, Paul and Megumi.

Spring Childcare offers the best learning environment I have seen in a licensed childcare centre. Not only with a huge space, the child to adult ratio and special care and attention to the children needs, but the amount of time and effort that has been put into designing activities, ongoing learning and field trips balanced with playtime and physical activity far exceeded our expectations of licensed childcare center. Not to mention that the fee's are far more affordable for families centers that offer similar programs.

Our children have flourished both mentally and emotionally since embarking on their learning adventures with Spring Childcare as Rosanna and Paul helped us to understand and communicate more eficiently with our daughters as young toddlers and pre-schoolers, as well as showed us how to resolve and work with our children in a gentle, loving, firm way during the more challenging times. Not only did our home life improve but so did our relationships with our children.

We would recommend Spring Childcare to any parent.

Best Regards,

Jordana Kirkman and Jeff Blades

我們很榮幸可以為泉幼兒園和 Rosanna 和 Paul 和 Megumi 寫推薦信 。

泉幼兒園提供我看過在有執照的幼兒園中最好的學習環境 不但有寬大的空間, 很好的老師和小孩比率 對小孩的需求特別細心的照顧 他們在設計活動所花的時間和精神每天的學習和校外教學平衡玩耍時間和體力活動 所有的這些都超過我們對一個持牌的幼兒園的期望 更不用說他們的價錢比其他有類似學習課程的家庭式幼兒園更加實惠

我們的小孩們自從參加泉幼兒園的學習冒險後在身心方面都有很大的成長 Rosanna 和 Paul 幫助我們了解我們的幼兒和學齡前小朋友和如何跟她們有效的溝通 他們也教我們如何以溫柔 慈愛 和堅定的方式和小孩們度過困難的時刻  不只我們的家庭生活得到改善 我們和小孩們的感情也更好了


Best Regards,

Jordana Kirkman and Jeff Blades

   #4 May 2013                                    From Joshua's parents (translated into Chinese)

Joshua started at Spring Childcare in September 2011 when he was only 14 months old. As any Mom I was very nervous about putting my first born in daycare. I had toured several other centers before visiting Spring Childcare. The moment I walked in I knew that Spring Childcare was exactly what i wanted for Joshua. Paul and Rosanna felt more like family then childcare providers. Joshua flourished in their care. Paul and Rosanna are very organized and passionate about what they do. They love the children like their own! I am very happy that Joshua was able to spend almost 2 years in their care.

Mark & Ashley Fairfield

Joshua 在2001年九月來到泉幼兒園 當時他只有14個月大 和每個媽媽們一樣我對於把我的第一個小孩放進幼兒園感到很緊張 我在來到泉幼兒園之前已經參觀過好幾個其他的中心 但是當我一走進泉幼兒園時我馬上知道這裡就是為了Joshua我所想要的 Paul 和 Rosanna 對他們做的事情非常的有計畫和熱誠 他們把小孩子們當作自己的去愛 我很開心Joshua可以在他們的照顧下幾乎兩年的時間

Mark & Ashley Fairfield

#3 November 25th, 2011                            From Erik's parents (translated into Chinese)

I'd like to recommend Spring chidcare to other families searching for a loving, home-based experience for their child.

      We found newly opened childcare in August, and as it was the closest to our home my son went there. From the very beginning he was very calm and comfortable staying in new place, 'cause the environment in this bright facility is very cozy.

      Rosanna and Paul run a warm, welcoming childcare where my son has learned so much during just couple of months. They are very talented teachers, detail-oriented, very caring and attentive to children and their needs. During their everyday games and studies with children (when teachers also play and not just watch) they try to observe and find individual abilities of child. In today's world, when parents have to work that much and physically are unable sometimes to be with their children during whole day, it is very precious to know that there are teachers that really love their job and care for your child.

     There is a deep and saturated curriculum for every month in child care and every day my son tells what did they learn - from numbers to human body and nutrients that they eat.

Very often they go for field trips, which is also kind of adventure for my son. They study so much about nature while being outside.

Moreover, there is one interesting and needful option on the web-site of childcare - everyday parents can see the photos of their children. We gathered almost 200 photos during these months :)

Besides being professional teachers, they are just good people.

Hopefully my review will help another families to make their decision. But wait, leave one place for my infant, as he grows up very quickly :)

Rosanna and Paul, once more, thank you very much! 

我想要介紹泉幼兒園給正在替自己的小孩尋找一個溫馨, 家庭式幼兒園的家長們。

我在八月的時候找到一家剛開不久的幼兒園。 因為離我們家近, 就讓我的兒子去那裡。 從一開始他就很安心, 舒適的留在這個新的地方, 因為這個設施非常得光線明亮和舒適。

Rosanna 和 Paul 有一個非常溫暖, 讓人喜愛的幼兒園。 我的兒子在這幾個月學到好多東西。 他們是很有天分的老師, 很注重細節, 非常關心和注意小朋友們和他們的需要。 在他們每天和小孩子們的遊戲和學習中 (他們不是只在旁邊看, 但是會跟小朋友們互動), 他們會試著觀察每個小孩子現在的能力。 在現在這個社會, 當家長們需要工作那麼久沒辦法陪在小孩子身邊一整天, 這是很難得的能夠知道還有這樣的老師真得熱愛他們的工作和那麼的關心小孩子們。

他們每個月的課程很有深度也很豐富。 我的兒子每天都會跟我們說他學到了什麼--從數字到身體構造和他每天攝取到的營養。

他們也常常去戶外教學。 每次戶外教學對我兒子都好像一個冒險。 因為他們在戶外教學中學習很多有關大自然。

更多的是, 他們有一個很有意思也很有幫助的服務在他們的網頁上 -- 每天家長們都能看到他們小孩子的活動照片。 我們在這短短幾個月就收集了幾乎兩百張我小孩的照片。

除了他們是很專業的老師以外, 他們也是很棒的人。
我希望我的序評能夠幫助其他家長們做出他們的決定。 不過, 請等等! 留一個位子給我的小嬰兒。 他也很快就長大了 :)

Rosanna and Paul, 再一次, 真的很感謝您們!

#2 November 17th, 2011 by email              From Emily's parents (Translated into Chinese)

As busy working parents, we don’t have so much time with my daughter in daytime. However we all wish that we would find a secure and comfortable environment for her which the facility that will provide the love and care that she deserve, and gives us parents the peace of mind knowing that while we are away from her that she is being loved, that she is safe and secure and is learning to interact with other children of the same age group which is so important.

  Spring Centers has more than met my expectations in these areas and I feel very fortunate to have had Emily at Spring Centers for the past few months. She loves the friends she has made and the teachers that she has had. Before she went to daycare center, she was shy and never play with other kids. Also sometimes she behaved very badly and once she was not satisfied, she would very angry and crying loudly. But now, in the three months she’s been at Spring childcare center, Emily’s progress has surprised us. We are especially surprised by our toddler suddenly developing into an independent, interactive little two-year-old who talks cheerfully and cogently about her day at school, bursts into little songs and stories she’s learnt in the classroom and who has learnt to reason for herself after a few months daycare life, I couldn’t believe the changes on her. She became very polite and understand sharing with the other kids. I cannot thank the Spring Child Center staff enough for the love and care they have provided not only for my daughter but for all the children they care for. 

 Yours sincerely

Marcy and Dexter


 泉幼兒園做到比我們期望的還多。我們覺得很幸運Emily這幾個月能夠註冊在泉幼兒園。 她好喜歡她在泉幼兒園交到的朋友們和老師們。 Emily在她去泉幼兒園之前是個很害羞的小孩,也從來都不跟其他小朋友玩。 有時候她甚至會表現的很壞。 只要她不覺得合意,就會很生氣大哭大鬧。 但是現在,在泉幼兒園三個月間Emily的進步讓我們很驚訝。 我們特別訝異我們的嬰兒忽然之間成長成一個很獨立,卻很會和他人互動的小小兩歲小朋友。 她會很開心的述說在幼兒園的事情,有時候就突然開始唱歌和說在學校學到的故事。 在這短短幾個月間她也學會理解了一些道理。 我們真的不能相信Emily的改變。 她變成一個有禮貌和懂得和其他小朋友分享的小孩。 我真的很感謝泉幼兒園的老師們給我的女兒和其他小朋友們的照顧。

 Yours sincerely

Marcy and Dexter


#1 September 11,2011                  From Mia's grandma (Translated into English)

I am Mia's grandma. Mia is 3 years old this year. Through a friend I got to know about Spring Childcare's opening at the end of June.  I took Mia to see if she likes the place. Rosanna and Paul were very kind to tell me in very detail about their center and their teaching philosophy. I felt ease to let Mia come and learn. Also, Mia and Paul right away played along with each others in the center. Therefore, I decided to enroll Mia from July 1st. 

At first I wanted to just try for 1 month. However, after a month had passed, I was very surprised to see Mia's growth in all areas. She learned very fast during the first month and many bad habits she had were gradually being changed into good habits by the teachers. The teachers also took efforts to take Mia outdoor to learn and to play sports and thus allowing Mia to grow well-balanced in body, spirit and characters.

I find Rosanna is a very professional Early Childhood Educator. She has many years of experience in teaching children. She knows children's psychology, observes the needs of the children and then teaches and guides the children according to their needs. Her curriculum is based on a system of gradual progression following children's growth and development and to provide teaching materials that are suitable for the children. She will tell the parents at the beginning of the month this month's curriculum and always updating the parents about children's learning in the center each day. They also very heart-warningly post children's learning photos on the website so the parents can see what their children learned each day.

I am very thankful for the heart-felt efforts from Rosanna and Paul. They let Mia be able to learn in such a wonderful environment. I hope learning in Spring Childcare will have great help for Mia's character developments. Also at the same time, I hope that parents who want the healthy developments for their children to come join Mia and to grow with Mia in Spring Childcare.

                                                                                                       With thanks from Mia's grandma

我是Miagrandma. Mia今年剛滿三歲. 透過朋友介紹曉得Spring Childcare 今年六月底開始招生, 我就帶著Mia 先到center 參觀, 順便看看Mia 適不適應這裡的環境. Rosanna Paul nice詳盡跟我介紹center的設備及他們的教學方針. 我覺得讓Mia在這裡的環境學習我很放心,而且Mia一來到center就很開心跟Paul玩在一起.所以我就決定從七月一日起讓MiaCenter上課.

剛開始我想讓Mia先試讀一個月看看. 後來經過一個多月下來Mia各方面的成長讓我感到很驚訝,她學習迅速,很多以前的壞習慣也慢慢地被老師調教轉變成好習慣,而且老師很用心地常帶她出去戶外教學,運動. Mia在身心靈各方面能均衡地發展.

 我覺得Rosanna是一位很專業的幼教老師. 她有過很多年的幼教經驗,懂得幼兒的心理,知道幼童的需求進而去帶動她們且給予輔導. 她的教學方針採取循序漸進式的,很有系統的依著幼兒年齡層的成長,適當的給予幼兒能接受的教材. 她會在每個月初就告訴家長當月的教材有哪些且隨時和家長保持聯繫,讓家長瞭解小孩在Center每天學習的情況. 而且他們很貼心的會在電腦網上Po上孩子的生活照片,讓家長看到當天的學習狀況.

 我很感謝Rosanna & Paul Mia的用心. Mia在如此優良的環境下學習,希望將來對她的人格成長有很大的幫助. 同時我也希望有心想讓自己的孩子在心智上健康成長的家長們一起加入,讓你們的寶寶和Mia一起健康快樂的成長吧!

                                                                                                         Thanks from Mia’s grandma

7050 Broadway, Burnaby, V5A 1R8